Jul 3, 2014

I Love Peanut Butter and YOU - LOL

The differences identified in the previous post that shows various studies and research performed yielding disparate results is no surprise to me. Our communication about love is very poor and these differences we will see are as a result of our understanding and communication about love.

We say that we love peanut butter while saying that we love baseball, our kids, our partners, our shoes, our friends and everything under the sun. Because we communicate poorly about love, it has come to mean everything and nothing. When we popularize a word or a phrase and don’t give it specific meaning, it no longer has meaning.

When we really understand what love is and what love is not; we will be equipped and able to be more loving, openly receive more love and have better relationships. To understand what love is, let’s start by calling it a fallacy. By calling it a fallacy, and starting with a blank slate we can begin to learn, understand and eventually know love.

I lived in Arkansas for about 6 years. In that part of the South, when someone wants a carbonated beverage they say, “Give me a Coke please.” I recall while at work one day heading for the break room, asking a co-worker if they wanted something to drink. “Sure.” He replied, “I’ll have a Coke.” When I brought him the red canned beverage, he looked at me like I had three heads and said, “What is that?” “It’s your Coke.” I replied. Then he said one of the oddest things imaginable; you guessed it. “No, I wanted a Sprite.” I laughed!

After that experience, I learned to ask my co-workers in Arkansas if they want a ‘red’ Coke or a ‘green’ Coke. LOL Or I would ask them if they wanted a Coke or a Sprite. If you’ve been to the Southern states, you know exactly what I’m referring to.

The use of the word love is no different. We use the word love to mean so many different things. But yet it is even more important in our lives than a carbonated beverage to a thirsty co-worker.

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