Jun 30, 2014

What does "I Love You" mean?

Not too long ago I met a lady and we fell in love quite quickly. After a few months, we fell out of love just as quickly.

When we were saying our goodbyes, she asked me what I meant when I said, “I love you.” That question has plagued me ever since and I've decided to discover just what “I love you” means.

There have been a tremendous number of studies performed to determine what love is, why it is important to the human race, how it comes about and how it enriches and affects our lives. Love has been studied by humanists, psychologists, clergy, behaviorists, scientists and of course by laypeople like you and I.

I'll read all the studies and get to the bottom of this!

Leave a comment and let me know...
  • Has this question plagued you and kept you up at night?
  • What does "I love you" mean to you?

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